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Minimize your cost! ~ what is EPA? FTA? ~ / Knowledge for Japanese Sake trading


When you would like to start a trading, you need to check the cost in order to make a profit for your business. Product cost, freight cost, tax… You have all sorts of costs you need to check in advance. Nevertheless, if there is an agreement between the countries, there is a cost which you can eliminate.   Custom duty   Have you ever heard of the term "FTA" or "EPA"? FTA stands for Free Trade Agreement and EPA stand for Economic Partnership Agreement. If your country and Japan agreed on FTA or EPA, you can apply to reduce or
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Trade Knowledge In order to sell sake in the world, it is required to know about trading to maintain quality, manage cost and minimize risks. In this section, you can find overall information about sake trading to plan what you need to prepare in advance. Please use information in the page to check through trading plan to avoid troubles.   Related parties of trading When we start trading we cannot start a trading with brewery and importer. In this section, you can find who you need to know and what they do in trading. What you find here is only a
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ikki News highlights 2019


This year is 2020 when Olympic games taken place in Tokyo Japan! Nevertheless, it is important to learn from the past as well.   On this page, we summarize what happen in Japan in 2019. Please find the news summary of 2019 from below;     February   On 1st February, Economic Partnership Agreement(EPA) between Japan and European Union became effective. With the EPA, it stimulates trading between Japan and EU, and Japan expects Sake, EU expects wine to grow in the oversea market.   March   Seven Eleven Japan decided to terminate 24 hours operation on March, starting from
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