Ceramics ware in Japan -West Japan-


Ceramics ware in Japan -West Japan-


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What do you enjoy Japanese Sake? Cups? Glasses? or Ceramics?

 These Days, people enjoy Japanese Sake in wine glasses more and more, but traditionally Japanese people have been enjoying Sake with ceramics ware. It is depending on the type of Sake to choose vessels to enjoy with, but especially with Jukushu 熟酒 style Sake you can enjoy more to feel Japan and the locality. Some of the Sake lover even choose and match where Sake and ceramics made in.

 This time ikki deliver information about famous ceramics where in Japan, focusing on West of Japan this time.


Famous production area of ceramics ware West

There are 28 places where have their own production method and originality in ceramics. In West of Japan, (Nara, Hyogo, Okayama, Ehime, Yamaguchi) there are 6 places as below;



Nara Prefecture

Akahada Yaki 赤膚焼

Akahada from Akahada Yaki means “Red Skin”. The soil contains iron and it makes the ceramic red. There are 7 producers in Nara, and dedicate the ceramics to Todaiji temples or other temples in Nara. The feature of Akahada Yaki is its variety and they o not stick to the method, so recently there are even pop designs on Akahada Yaki.


Hyogo Prefecture

Izushi Yaki 出石焼

Izushi Yaki is the porcelain in Izushi, Hyogo. Izushi yaki is in the relation with Soba culture in Izushi and there are many porcelains such as Soba Choko, Soba plates, Soba tokkuri. The design is mainly white porcelain and there are many paint before do era on Izushi Yaki.


Tamba Tachikui Yaki 丹波立杭焼

One of the 6 old potteries. The feature of Tamba Tachikui Yaki is its design called “Haikaburi”. When baking the pottery the temperature inside kiln gets up to 1300℃. As they use a glaze, the glaze and ash in the kiln melts and create the iconical pattern.


Okayama Prefecture

Bizen Yaki 備前焼

Bizen Yaki is one of the famous potteries from Bizen, Okayama. The baking method is called “Yakishime”, and they bake at 1200℃ for 2 weeks. With Yakishime method, the pottery gets stronger and there is a story that Bizen Yaki do not break even you throw it.


Ehime Prefecture

Tobe yaki 砥部焼

Tobe Yaki is famous for its porcelain and from Tobe in Ehime. Tobe Yaki is slightly thicker and use the paint called “Gosu”呉須 to make patterns in light blue color.


Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hagi Yaki 萩焼


 The feature of Hagi Yaki is as it is not too tight, water absorb into the pottery itself and change the color and texture as time goes by.The design is very simple and not much painting on the surface.