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[ Aomori ] Sake brewery Archives Aomori 2


Please find the list of Sake breweries in Aomori, the North end of Honshu island(main island) in Japan.


Characteristics of Sake from Aomori Prefecture

  Blessed with rich beautiful nature and traditional cultures, Aomori Prefecture is advantaged to access high-quality rice, pure water, and cold climate, which makes it proudly a famous Sake production site. World-Heritage-designated Shirakami Mountains and other nearby mountains provide high-quality underground water and rice which are turned into premium products thanks to the dedicated artisan work of Nambu-toji and Tsugaru-toji. Why don’t you try Sake from Aomori to feel the rich nature and artisan’s work packed inside the bottle? 

8. Nakamura Kamekichi Sake Brewery (中村亀吉酒造)



中村亀吉酒造「玉垂」 | 一般社団法人黒石観光協会 (kuroishi.or.jp)

Nakamura Kamekichi Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社中村亀吉 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

  Nakamura Kamekichi Sake Brewery was founded and started by Kamekichi Nakamura in Kuroishi, Aomori in 1913. Thereafter its Sake production has been carefully inherited by Tsugaru toji who are experienced Sake producers. Its brand is called Tamadare.

Representative brand : Tamadare (玉垂)

  Reflecting the unique characteristics of the brewery and the local areas, the Sake successfully won a number of awards with high reputations. Giving a soft touch to the mouth, rich and mild flavours, Tamadare is one of the representative Sake of the Tsugaru region.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 1 minute walk from the Nakamachi Bus Stop on the Konan Bus taken at Kuroishi Station on the Konan Railway. The bus ride is approximately 5 minutes.
  • Availability of visits is unknown

9. Narumi Brewing Co., Ltd (鳴海醸造店)


鳴海醸造店 | 青森の地酒 日本酒 (narumijozoten.com)

Narumi Brewing Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社鳴海醸造店 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

  Kuroishi of Tsugaru region had produced the largest amount of Sake among the neighbouring areas by the end of Edo Period. Narumi Brewing Co., Ltd, locally known as Kikunoi (菊乃井), has a long history of Sake brewing, dated back to 1806. The brewery is located at a corner of city centre that carries the facades of buildings from the domain-based-administrative-era, and the housing of Narumi brewing family is designated as a tangible cultural property of the city.

Representative brand : Kikunoi (菊乃井)

 The second owner placed a branch of Kiku (chrysanthemum) to the tub inlet for pressing. The brand of Kikunoi was named after this ritual of using Kiku.

 Kikunoi is not only loved by the locals as a long-selling representative brand from Narumi Brewing Co., Ltd., but the brand has increased its fans across Japan. What should be highlighted is the brewery’s careful selection of ingredients. For example, its Sake rice ‘Hanafubuki’ is originated from Aomori Prefecture, its Kobo ‘Mahorobaka hana’ was developed in Aomori Prefecture, and its water is delivered from Minami Hakkoden appearing as underground water in the premises of the brewery. Thus all used for Sake production is provided locally.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • Right in front of Nakamachi Bus Stop on the Konan Bus taken at Kuroishi Station of the Konan Railway. The bus ride is approximately 5 minutes.
  • Brewery visit is available at free of charge, from the end of April to the end of October. Book in advance

10. Nishida Sake Brewery Co., Ltd (株式会社西田酒造店)


– densyu – >> 株式会社西田酒造店

Nishida Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社西田酒造店 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

  Aomori Prefecture is situated at the Northern edge of Honshu Island. Aburakawa of Aomori City used to be called Ohama, being the most prosperous port of the Eastern coast of the Tsugaru Peninsula from the Kamakura to the Sengoku Period (approximately 12th century to the 16th century). Being home to Denshu (田酒) and Kikusen (喜久泉), the brewery was built as the only brewery in Aomori Prefecture in 1878.

Representative brand : Denshu (田酒)

  Denshu (田酒) in Japanese means Sake of rice fields. The brand insists on solely using the ingredients made in Japan, in other words, brewer’s alcohol and sugar which are mostly produced from non-Japanese ingredients cannot be used at this brewery. Its Junmai-shu aims to deliver the authentic flavour of rice.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 11 minute walk from JR Aburakawa Station
  • Brewery is not open to public

11. 八戸酒造株式会社 (Hachinohe Shuzo Co., Ltd)


八戸酒造株式会社 – 陸奥男山・陸奥八仙醸造元 (mutsu8000.com)

Hachinohe Shuzou Co.,Ltd. / 八戸酒造株式会社 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

  First generation head, Atsusaburo Komai, departed Omi (today comprising Shiga Prefecture), with a powerful ambition and entered Mutsu (today comprising Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate and Aomori Prefecture) to start Sake production in 1775. Since after, the brewery has continued its Sake production in the region.

  The current head is the 8th generation Atusdaburo. He sticks to the Sake production using rice and kobo originated in Aomori Prefecture. Water is taken from a quality source of Kanisawa District in Hachinohe. The brewery tries to respond to the current consumers’ needs by introducing the safe and clean production methods that takes environment and health concerns into account.

Representative brand : Mutsu-hassen (陸奥八仙)

  Chinese traditional tale called Suihassen (酔八仙), a story of 8 drunken hermits, tells anecdotes of drinking-lovers and introduces how to enjoy alcohol. The brewery named the Sake as Mutsu-hassen to follow the characters described in the story of Suihassen, hoping that the consumers enjoy the Sake just as the drunken hermits in the story do.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 5 minute walk from Mutsu-minato Station
  • Brewery visit is available at 500 yen (Tasting is included). Reserve in advance.

 12. Hachinohe Shurui Co., Ltd Gonohe Site (八戸酒類株式会社 五戸工場)


青森の地酒 八鶴・如空|八戸酒類株式会社 (hachinohe-syurui.com)

Hachinohe Shurui Co.,Ltd. / 八戸酒類株式会社 五戸工場 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

  The brewery is located at a corner of Gonohe, which is famous as one of the stops of Oshu Kaido (one of the five routes of the Edo Period, connecting Edo and Mutsu Province). In 1944, 5 neighboring breweries gathered to create Hachinohe Shurui Co., Ltd under the war-time cooperation order. Its name was later transformed into Hachinohe Shurui Co., Ltd Gonohe Site, the brewery has continues to produce Sake with a new brand of Goku (如空).

Representative brand : Goku (如空)

  Carefully produced by artisans’ 5 senses in the long low-temperature fermentation method of the Nambu toji’s tradition with the Kyokai kobo 10, Goku makes new challenges as a Gonoe local Sake with an improved characters of pure and clear flavours, rich umami, and pleasant after-taste left at the throat.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 1 minute walk from the Kawahara Chuo Bus Stop
  • Brewery visit is only available at Hachinohe Shurui Co., Ltd Hachinohe Site




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