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[ Akita ] Sake brewery Archives Akita 1


Please find the list of Sake breweries in Akita, the North end of Honshu island(main island) in Japan.

Characteristics of Sake from Akita Prefecture

 Akita Prefecture is one of the coolest regions in Japan, blessed with clear underground water provided by the melting snow. The climate of the region is suitable for rice cultivation, so it has abundant Sake rice to push itself to one of the largest producers and consumers of Sake within Japan. In addition, Akita Prefecture is active in developing improved Sake rice. Akita Sake Komchi becameas a representative Sake rice of the prefecture after its development in 1988.

  Typical Sake from Tohoku regions has light dry characters. In Akita Prefecture, Akita-style long-term low-temperature fermentation method is widely used. Sake brewed at a low temperature in a slow manner makes a delicately light and dry flavours.

1. Akitaken Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd. (秋田県発酵工業株式会社)


Akitakenhakko Kogyo Co.,Ltd. / 秋田県醗酵工業株式会社 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

 The company was founded in 1945 with collaboration of brewers and Sake venders to produce and sell composed Sake, Korui Shochu, and brewer’s alcohol for Sake production. Sake production was started in 1974 when Yuzawa Meijo Co., Ltd was merged. Heisei Kura brewery was completed in 1992 to meet the future needs.

Representative brand : Itteki Senryo (一滴千両)

 The name of Itteki Senryo (一滴千両) claims that one drop (一滴) of Sake has a value of a fortune, Senryo (千両). 千両 describes a thousand ryo monetary unit. This naming implies a high-quality with a strong metaphor. On a separate note, actors who are highly praised are often called Senryo Yakusha (千両役者, Senryo actors). Therefore, as its name Ieeki Senryo tells, each drop shall deserve a thousand ryo, Itteki Senryo is trully a high-quality local Sake of Akita Prefecture.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 25 minute walk from Yuzawa Station. 6 minute walk from Nakagawara Bus Stop
  • Brewery visit is available with free of charge except for the brewery’s closed days.
  • Open 10:00 – 15:00. Reservation is required

2. Akita Shuzo Co., Ltd (秋田酒造株式会社)

清酒秋田晴 秋田酒造株式会社 (akitabare.jp)

Akita Shuzo Co.,Ltd. / 秋田清酒株式会社 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)


About the brewery:

 A predecessor of Akita Shuzo was called Kunibanzai Shuzo which was established by Shinsuke Kawaguchi with its trade name of ‘Maruchosan’. Shinsuke Kawaguchi successfully managed fishery business and made a fortune. On 15 October 1908, Governor Kikuchi of Akita Tax Office granted a permit for Sake production of 200 Koku, almost equivalent to 30t. The original name of the brand was Banzai meaning cheers, but Kuni (國, country) was added later to celebrate Japan’s victory against Russia during the Russo-Japanese War.

  Akita Shuzo Co., Ltd was built as a bottling and sales company for Kunibanzai Shuzo in 1969. These two companies were merged in 2012 to form Akita Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative brand : Akitabare (秋田晴)

 Araya of Akita City has long been known as a birthplace and a production site for local Akita Sake. Araya is also famous for its spring water. Located on the sandy hills along the coast, there are multiple springs and wells scattered across the town. Akitabare is made using high-quality underwater and Ginno sei (吟の精) Sake rice, under the command of Kodate Toji who inherits the skills of a preceding experienced Toji called Yuzo Nagasawa. It aims to reserve the tradition and adds the trends where necessary. The equipment such as wooden bucket, Japanese style rice steamer, and Koji trays are continuously used to maintain and protect the traditional production methods.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 14 minute walk from JR Araya Station.
  • 2 minute walk from Nakaomotemachi Bus Stop
  • Availability for brewery visit is unknown

3. Akita Shurui Seizoh Co., Ltd. (秋田酒類製造株式会社)

秋田の地酒 – 高清水 – (takashimizu.co.jp)

Akita Shurui Seizoh Co.,Ltd. / 秋田酒類製造株式会社 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

 The brewery has installed necessary equipment at sites for fermentation, storage and bottling since its foundation step by step. Rice polishing plant and new brewery were built at Goshono of Akita City.

 A tiny brewery for hand-made Sake, ‘Sennin-gura (仙人蔵)’ was re-created inside the headquarter brewery to continue to re-emphasize the basics of Sake making through a traditional method. Takashimizu (高清水) made with artisan’s hands is delivered not only to Japanese customers but also to customers abroad.

Representative brand : Takashimizu (高清水)

 Akita Prefecture is a representative area for rice yield in Japan, so it is also known as a Sake kingdom since Edo Period. Sake production was especially promoted by Satake Family of Akita Domain. Since that period, there are hundreds of breweries in Akita. Takashimizu is a descendent Sake from this period. Spring of spirits is believed to be an origin of its name. Clear soft water ceaselessly springs under the brewery and is used for Sake making. Brewed using local rice, local water and by local professionals, Takashimizu is largely loved by Sake fans in Japan along with delicacies from the Japan Sea and Ou Mountains.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 4 minute walk from Kawashiri Jujiro Bus Stop
  • Brewery visit is available with advance reservation, except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

4. Akita Jozo Co., Ltd. (秋田醸造株式会社)

秋田醸造株式会社[ゆきの美人]│秋田蔵元ガイド│秋田県酒造協同組合 (osake.or.jp)

Akita Jozo Co.,Ltd. / 秋田醸造株式会社 – IKKI – Japanese Sake Media (ikki-sake.com)

About the brewery:

 Akita Jozo was founded in 1919. It was selling Sake to major breweries to be sold under those brands until 1998. Current president Tadahiko Kobayashi rebuilt its brewery within the apartment building and made a change. Since after the brewery actively started to create its original brands represented by Yukino-bijin.

  The biggest strength of Akita Jozo is its capability to produce Sake for the entire year thanks to the temperature control system installed in the brewery. Other breweries take advantage of the climate. Akita Jozo, however, performs a Sake production under a strictly controlled environment. Thanks to the temperature control system, it can produce various seasonal products, or it can sell fresh Genshu when it is scarce in the market.

Representative brand : Yukino-bijin (ゆきの美人)

 Yukino-bijin has a mild scent, soft touch to the mouth and a dry clear finish. To achieve these flavours, the brewery uses water carried from Taihei mountains of Akita City. Rice polishing and immersion process are performed by hands by tactically adjusting the workload of limited number of experienced brewers. The brewery uses small tanks which are usually used for Daiginjo Sake, and produces Sake only above the level of Junmai.

Access and brewery visit information:

  • 2 minute walk from Noborimachi-kamicho
  • Not open for a brewery visit




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