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Incoterms and Cost ~How to check the quotation~ / Japanese Sake Trading


Trade terms ~why incoterms so important~ When you start a trading of goods from foreign countries, the contract is one of the most important point. As the goods passes a lot of places all over the world from brewery to your local warehouse during the trading, it is quite important to understand the extent of the risk and cost which shipper will take. Otherwise, it will end up with a big trouble, then the quality of goods falls as it left at the port or warehouse.   Before explain in a detail, you need to know what is "incoterms". Incoterms
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Pack the products! -the variety of packing for trading and their situation-


When you import Japanese Sake, in order to maintain the quality and avoid the risk of breakages how you arrange the transport is very important.   One of the topic you need to understand is packing of pallet or containers. At the breweries, they pack the cartons and prepare for the export, but if pallet itself fall over it is very likely to break all the sake bottles. If you order certain amount or above from 1 brewery, they can pack in the pallet and deliver to the port, but you need to order at least 1~2000 bottles and if
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Minimize your cost! ~ what is EPA? FTA? ~ / Knowledge for Japanese Sake trading


When you would like to start a trading, you need to check the cost in order to make a profit for your business. Product cost, freight cost, tax… You have all sorts of costs you need to check in advance. Nevertheless, if there is an agreement between the countries, there is a cost which you can eliminate.   Custom duty   Have you ever heard of the term "FTA" or "EPA"? FTA stands for Free Trade Agreement and EPA stand for Economic Partnership Agreement. If your country and Japan agreed on FTA or EPA, you can apply to reduce or
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Trade Knowledge In order to sell sake in the world, it is required to know about trading to maintain quality, manage cost and minimize risks. In this section, you can find overall information about sake trading to plan what you need to prepare in advance. Please use information in the page to check through trading plan to avoid troubles.   Related parties of trading When we start trading we cannot start a trading with brewery and importer. In this section, you can find who you need to know and what they do in trading. What you find here is only a
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Mechanism of Transport costs : efficient and economical way of Japanese Sake delivery


For those who are in Japanese Sake business, the transportation of Japanese Sake is necessary.As you can see from ikki's trade knowledge, there are a lot of companies related to deliver Japanese Sake, such as breweries, exporters, forwarders, shipping companies, warehouse companies...etc   Nevertheless, especially for those of you who are planning to start Japanese Sake business now, you need to understand about upcoming costs of international delivery.   This time, ikki deliver information about the cost of international delivery in detail.   Case: Sea delivery [caption id="attachment_1013" align="aligncenter" width="900"]  [/caption]  Assume you are preparing for the see delivery from
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  makes SAKE TRADING simple   ikki is operated by Sake trading company J.Kobayashi Co., Ltd.(”JK”). JK have been exporting Sake to the world and is willing people all over the world to enjoy sake as many as possible. Today's world a lot of breweries put efforts to export Sake to the World, so now the world is getting interests on Sake but do not know much about Sake itself yet. There are many people who are wiling to start Sake imports to their countries, but when they start collecting information there is a big barriers of languages. So they
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Welcome to ikki!!!


Thank you very much for visiting our website “ikki”.   ikki is a sake trading support media for international business.   If you are willing to start sake trading or event business, please check out fundamental information about sake trading from our KNOWLEDGE pages. You will find basic knowledge about sake, Japan, trading and how to serve.   If you have already been in sake business, please find more information for our updating contents.   Upon your request, we will update our website contents so please feel free to drop us your comments from our CONTACT US page.   ikki
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ikki weekly update 6 – 12 April 2020


 In this ikki weekly news, ikki deliver what is happening in Japan in Sake industry for your knowledge as well as hints for your business. Please note that if you would like to see photos or full contents, kindly visit the original site from the link below the news topic and use google translate to see the full news.   The updated news in 6-12 April 2020 is below;   [Innovation] Wakatsuru brewery(Toyama) produce disinfectant alcohol against corona issue   [Trading] WTO forecasting  the trade 2020 will be about 32 % decline under covid 19 issue   [New
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ikki News highlights 2019


This year is 2020 when Olympic games taken place in Tokyo Japan! Nevertheless, it is important to learn from the past as well.   On this page, we summarize what happen in Japan in 2019. Please find the news summary of 2019 from below;     February   On 1st February, Economic Partnership Agreement(EPA) between Japan and European Union became effective. With the EPA, it stimulates trading between Japan and EU, and Japan expects Sake, EU expects wine to grow in the oversea market.   March   Seven Eleven Japan decided to terminate 24 hours operation on March, starting from
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  Thank you for visiting our webpage!!!   In our website, you can find all the necessary information regarding sake trading starting from "What is Sake?", "How you transfer?" and "How can we serve to our customer?".   Please check through our page from the link below and if you have any information you need please drop us message from Contact us page.                   Click here!