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ikki NEWS -November 2019-


ikki news deliver monthly information about Japan and sake trading.

Please find the updated information from below;


Deregulation of liquor manufacturing license in 2020

In 2020, Government of Japan is planning to relax the requirement of liquor manufacturing license.

Today, the applicants need to produce at least 60 KL of alcohol per year, but it will be relaxed in the new regulation.

It is to avoid over-demand of alcohol as the demand of oversea market increasing rapidly as Japanese cuisine and alcohol such as Sake getting popular thesedays.


(Ref. Ministry of Finance)




Slow down in Korean market of Sake import

The relationship between Japan and Korea starts to affect Sake market in Korea.

The export amount to Korea was dropped 56% year to year base.

The market in Korea is grown rapidly over this 10 years, and triplicated compared to 2008.


(Ref. Ministry of Finance)