G. I. Hagi : 7th Geographic Indication of Japanese Sake and 6 breweries


G. I. Hagi : 7th Geographic Indication of Japanese Sake and 6 breweries


 On 31st March 2021, New area in Japan appointed as one of the geographic indication system: Hagi. Hagi is the area located in Yamaguchi prefecture in West end of Chugoku area. This time, ikki deliver information about G.I. Hagi, and why Hagi is appointed and which Sake is appointed.



To find out the information about overview of Geographic Indication, please check the post below;

UPDATE on 23rd September 2020 – Geographical Indication (GI) in Japanese SAKE -Enhance product brand with brand locality-

G. I. Tone Numata : 6th Geographic Indication of Japanese Sake and 4 breweries


Sake from Hagi


 Generally, Sake from Tone Numata has a rich, elegant Umami derived from rice and fresh acidity

 They have a mellow fruity aroma like banana, melon and lychee, and also make you feel fresh greens. Especially in Ginjo Sake, it has apple and pineapple like fresh flavor.

 Hagi Sake has a sharpness in after note, in terms of acidity, bitterness and alcohol.

 The taste of Hagi Sake paired well with white fish, such as Kamaboko. Generally brings up the taste of delicate dishes.





 6 breweries in Hagi

(Ref. Google map)

 In Hagi Yamaguchi, there are 6 breweries which are as follow;


Iwasaki Shuzo: FUKUMUSUME


Okazaki Shuzojo: NAGATOKYO


Sumikawa Sake brewery: TOYO BIJIN


Nakamura Sake Maker: TAKRABUNE


Yachiyo Shuzo: ROOM


Abunotsuru Shuzo: MIYOSHI




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