Do not drink "ikki"! Yawaragi-Mizu


Do not drink "ikki"! Yawaragi-Mizu

Have you ever heard of term “Yawaragi Mizu”(和らぎ水)? This term is very important in the concept of Sake in Japan, but what “Yawaragi Mizu” actually means? ikki delivers one of the important concept in Japanese Sake “Yawaragi Mizu” this time, so please find the information from below.


What is “Yawaragi Mizu”

Yawaragi Mizu is sometimes called「Yawaragi」 in the restaurant scene. It is quite similar to “Chaser”. In the world alcohol scene, a chaser can be soft drinks, such as fruit juice or sparkling water, or low alcohol beverage such as beer. In Japan, Yawaragi Mizu mainly means a still water. Japanese people drink it with Japanese Sake in the dining scene and a lot of restaurants in Japan serving it as usual. 


Why you need Yawaragi Mizu

ikki would like you to know why consumers need to take Yawaragi Mizu rather than following as Japan do.

According to Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, there are 3 reasons people need to drink Yawaragi Mizu.


1.ease your drunkenness

Same as Chaser, by drinking water in the middle it ease your drunkenness. It will also reduce the risk of hungover in the next day.


2.make every taste fresh

By drinking the water in the middle, it refresh the mouth and you can enjoy Japanese Sake freshly every time.


3.enjoy longer

Alcohol makes you drunk, but with drinking water you can keep yourself longer and enjoy the taste longer.


(Ref. Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association)


Is Yawaragi Mizu = Shikomi Mizu(仕込み水)?

In Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, it is recommended to use Shikomi Mizu(the water used in the brewing process) as Yawaragi Mizu. Of course, you can enjoy more if you drink Japanese Sake with the water used, but why we drink water in the middle is to enjoy Japanese Sake more.


As long as you enjoy Japanese Sake, ikki think it can be any kind of water.


Hope you and your clients enjoy Sake more!