Innovative Sake products! -The latest invention in Japanese Sake industry-


Innovative Sake products! -The latest invention in Japanese Sake industry-

  Japanese Sake has been sold in Isshobin 一升瓶(1800ml bottle) traditionally, and now they have a variety of size like 180ml, 300ml and 720ml depending on the breweries’ preference.

 In addition, there is a cup sake which is easier to carry and enjoy it in any location even out door.

 These days, there is another invention in Sake industry, and ikki deliver information about new challenges in Japanese Sake industries by pioneering breweries, this time.


Innovative packaging

Plastic pouch: Kikusui Smart pouch

Kikusui brewery is now selling their Sake in plastic pouch. It reduce the weight, block the light and air and less risk of breakages and spillages.

(Ref: Kikusui brewery: https://www.kikusui-sake.com/smartpouch/)

Vacuum can: Nihonsakari Nama Genshu can

Nihonsakari is selling Nama Genshu in the 200ml can now. So, they can put their product in the other shelf in supermarkets or convenience stores. Also, as it is a can they can put in hot beverage section of the outlets, so that they can deliver Kan Sake in the can at anytime, like hot coffee can.

(Ref. Nihonsakari:http://www.nihonsakari.co.jp/namagenshu/)



Innovative Targeting

Rock people: Gekkikan The Shot

 Gekkeikan The Shot is one of the example to target new segment. It use Japanese Rock Star Hiroji Miyamoto as an image character to change the  image of Japanese Sake. They sell it in the music festival to present new style of enjoying Sake.

(Ref. Gekkeikan:https://www.gekkeikan.co.jp/theshot/)

Wine lovers: Sogga Père et Fils Viognier

As you can see from the photo, it is difficult to identify it is Sake. This Sake is produced by Winery called Obuse Winery, and taste is also closer to Wine comparing to the ordinal Sake.

(Ref. Obuse Winery: http://www.obusewinery.com/)



Innovative Aging 

Acoustic aging: Yume no Tobira 夢の扉

Yume no Tobira is aged with classical music such as Mozart or Velthoven. Depending on the class of Sake they change the music to age and pot acoustic power into the Sake.

(Ref. Houmei Inc. : https://houmei.wixsite.com/houmeisyuzou/home)

Ocean Aging: Ryugu Romantan 龍宮浪漫譚

Ryugu Romantan is aged under the sea. Some of the other alcohol; such as wine, awamori, shochu, has been aged under the sea and they use same technique. The wave, less lighting and water pressure is good for aging alcohol.

(Ref. Shirasugi Shuzo: https://shirakiku.shopinfo.jp/)

Other Innovation

Fabless Sake: Nihonshu Oendan 日本酒応援団

 Produce OEM Sake brand with locality and bring the concept of “Terroir”. This year, National Research Institute of Brewing has a budget from National Tax Agency to research about terroir, so we can say that Nihonshu Oendan is a pioneer about Sake Terroir.

(Ref. Nihonshu Oendan: https://welovesake.com/)

Sake Cocktail project: Motozake

Moto Zake project is to create Sake for the cocktail base. Contributing breweries produce Moto Zake brand Sake in their breweries and selling mainly to bartenders. Hope these Moto Zake on the shelf of the bar counters.

(Ref. Motozake:http://motozake.com/)


These are only examples and there are many other challenges in Japanese Sake Industry.

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