ikki NEWS -October 2019-


ikki NEWS -October 2019-


ikki news deliver monthly information about Japan and sake trading.

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Serious damage by 2 typhoons

(Photo: Damaged road by typhoon in Chiba prefecture / Ref. Fire and Disaster management agency)


In 2018 there was a large Typhoon went through Kinki area especially Osaka, Kyoto and left a deep scar. In 2019 Autumn, there were 2 large typhoons went through East part of Japan and they lef serious damage in Kanto area especially Chiba. More than 60,000 buildings are flooded or collapsed, and there are more than 500 casualties. It damages Sake industries as well. In North Kanto or West of Tohoku the buildings of breweries were damaged, and it affects their production which start from October.

(Ref. Fire and Disaster management agency)


Yokohama city and Port Barcelona sign the general agreement 

(Photo: Port of Yokohama)


On 18th October 2019, City of Yokohama officially announced that they signed the general agreement with Port Barcelona. The aim of the agreement is, in fact that both ports are the world largest cruise ship, container and automobile transportation hub, to cooperate each other to promote the ports. In addition to the transportation, they aim to stimulate the tourism of the areas.


(Ref. City of Yokohama)


The Core Enthronement Ceremony of Reiwa Emperor

On 22nd October 2019, the core enthronement ceremony of Reiwa emperor is taken place in Imperial palace. 194 countries are invited, and Royal families and representatives of countries from 183 countries attended the ceremony. After the ceremony, there was Court banquet and Sake was served to the guests. The brand of Sake served is not opened to the public.


Please find the video of the ceremony as below;

(Ref. Royal household Agency, MOFA, Prime Minister’s Office of Japan)