Japanese Sake market report August 2022

Japanese Sake market report August 2022


Please find the updating market report of the month. As the official data is available slightly late, this month ikki will deliver Japanese Sake market report of  June 2022.

To be precise, Sake on the data means exported products from Japan under HS code of 2206.00.


  • -Sake NEWS summary July 2022
  • -Total exported volume and value June 2022
  • -Exported amount by area June 2022
  • -Average FOB price June 2022
  • -Baltic Exchange Dry Index 2021-2022
  • -Exchange rate August 2022


Sake NEWS summary July 2022

Luxury Sake brand MINAKI released Dry Sparkling Sake

 MINAKI, operated by REBORN, released new series in their brand [ HAKUSUI ] Dry Sparking Sake from 5th August. This Sake is brewed by Hachinohe Shuzo in Aomori prefecture.


” KURAONE ” 180ml canned Sake

 Subscription Sake delivery service ” KURAONE ” tested the market in  Europe and received 1 out of 3 participants pre-order KURAONE as a result. From 3rd August they launch Crowd funding project from Makuake.


Carbon zero Sake by Fukuju

Kobe Shushinkan, famous for their Sake brand Fukuju, achieved the zero carbon emission in Sake brewing process. It is the world first achievement.  They released [ Fukuju Junmaishu eco zero ].


Craft beverage with o.7% alcoholic content

 Yahoo brewing, Craft beer company, released craft beer like beverage “Shoki no Satan” with 0.7% of alcoholic contents . The brewing method of this product is very similar to the brewing method of lager beer.



Summary of the world Sake market June 2022

The Sake market is bounce back and grew in June 2022. To compare the volume and price, it seams more expensive sake tend to export more. As a result the average FOB reached to the record high level. By looking at the area, it is grown in the most of the area, but as the market is large it tends to grow more. The area with the volume of export means they may have some event as it goes into the summer season, so it is expected to grow in July continuously. It might be triggered by the increase in the exchange rate as Japanese Yen losing power against the currency market. On August it started to drop, so it may slow down the export growth in Autumn season. Nevertheless, Baltic index is getting lower, so it is expected the logistics cost to get lower so that more start ups get easier to start their business. With the logistics cost today it is difficult for new comers to compete in the market.


Total exported volume and value 


Exported amount by area 


Average FOB price


Baltic Exchange Dry Index 2021-2022


Exchange rate JPY/USD EUR