SAKE NEWS from JAPAN – ikki Weekly Update 25th – 31st January 2021


SAKE NEWS from JAPAN – ikki Weekly Update 25th – 31st January 2021



In this ikki weekly news, ikki deliver what is happening in Japan in Sake industry for your knowledge as well as hints for your business.

Please note that if you would like to see photos or full contents, kindly visit the original site from the link below the news topic and use google translate to see the full news.


The updated news in 25th – 31st January 2021 is below;


[New Service]

Japanese Ryokan, with more 150 year history, opened Sake stall in Dogo Onsen(Hot spring) in Ehime / Yamatoya Honten Ryokan


Ref.【クラウドファンディング215%達成】創業150年の老舗旅館が、GoToトラベルが終わっても楽しめる屋台を新設/ PR TIMES





The competition of Yamada Nishiki rice used as an ingredient of Dassai “Beyond the best Yamada Nishiki project” / Dassai

Ref.<最高を超える山田錦プロジェクト2020>発表会を開催。賞金3,000万円のグランプリは福岡県朝倉市の北嶋将治さん/PR TIMES





le=”font-size: 18pt; font-family: Verdana;”>[Tourism]

Visit Shimane and drink Sake. Shimane prefecture assist the local tourism industry with Japanese Sake / Shimane prefecture

Ref.しまねの日本酒を活用した観光誘客の実施/PR TIMES



[New Service]

Listen & Buy. New style of enjoying alcohol: Listen to the music expressing aroma and taste of Japanese Sake / Yurakucho micro FOOD&IDEA market

Ref.味わいや香りの音楽を聴いてスキを買う体験、味わいながら飲む体験ができる”買う飲むのニューノーマル『音楽のスキで買う日本茶日本酒のインスタレーション』@有楽町/ PR TIMES