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[ikki OTSUMAMI recipe] Kiriboshi Daikon / Japanese Traditional Ingredients / Homemade Japanese Cuisine Recipe

 OTSUMAMI is one of the important elements in Japanese Sake and food culture. OTSUMAMI is a small dish like finger food or appetizer which people enjoy with Sake. Some people enjoy OTSUMAMI before main dishes, but some do not order main dishes and order several OTSUMAMI to enjoy Japanese Sake.

 ikki delivers information about how to cook OTSUMAMI in Japanese way through our YouTube channel. Please refer to the video we upload and find the new OTSUMAMI recipe for Japanese Sake which collaborate with your own culture!

 As a first time, we posted OTSUMAMI recipe of Japanese Traditional Ingredient: Kiriboshi Daikon, Dried raddish. Please check out the video and find the recipe below;








  • 1 Radish
  • 1 Drying Net




  1. Slice a radish with 3cm thickness
  2. Slice the radish again with 3mm thickness
  3. Slice the radish again with 1mm thickness
  4. Hang a drying net in well ventilated area
  5. Put sliced radish in the drying net. Make sure not to be on top of each other
  6. Leave and let it dry for about a week…