【Eto of 2020】 Zodiac and Japanese Sake / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 ~


【Eto of 2020】 Zodiac and Japanese Sake / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 ~

Happy New year 2020!!!

Hope all of you will have a great Sakefull year!



Japanese Zodiac “Eto”(干支)



In Asia country, including Japan, we celebrate the year with 12 animal characters for 12 years: so-called Japanese Zodiac “Eto”(干支). For example, 2019 was a year of Boar, and it will be next Boar year in 2031.



In addition, Eto consists of 10 Kan and 12 Shi.

Shi means animals. In order of Rat 子, Ox 牛, Tiger 寅, Rabbit 卯, Dragon 辰, Snake 巳, Horse 午, Sheep 羊, Monkey 猿, Rooster 酉, Dog 戌 and Boar 亥.

Kan is like a number. In order of Kinoe 甲, Kinoto 乙, Hinoe 丙, Hinoto 丁, Tsuchinoe 戊, Tsuchinoto 己, Kanoe 庚, Kanoto 辛, Mizunoe 壬, Mizunoto 癸.





2020 is the year of Kanoe Rat 庚子.  This year means Regrowth and prosperity. 

Therefore, we can say that it is the timing for challenging to the new things.

ikki expects all the sake people challenges regardless of their location!!!


If you find the Sake with animals printed on the label, it might be Eto. Please look for it and feel the vintage.


Thank you for your time!


Have a great year!!!