When you enjoy Sake, you can choose your preferred temperatures to drink, and sometimes there is a ideal or brewery’s recommended temperature to drink.
If you enjoy sake in cold or chilled we call it “Hiya”(冷や) and iif you enjoy in hot or warm we call it “Kan”(燗).
To choose or order temperature there are so-called name in temperature every 5℃. Please find the name of temperature below.


Hiya / Kan Temperature and the names

5℃ and below: Yuki Hie (Snow cold)

・10℃: Hana Hie (Cold as flower just start to bloom)

・15℃: Suzu Hie (Cool)

・20℃: Room Temperature 

・30℃: Hinata Kan (Warm as sun light)

・35℃: Hitohada Kan (Warm as human body)

・40℃: Nuru Kan (Not too hot)

・45℃: Jou Kan (Nicely hot)

・50℃: Atsu Kan (Hot)

・55℃ and above: Tobikiri Kan (Extremely hot)