[YOUTUBE] Expert Interview -Dr. Shuji Horie- : Life of Sake / Everlasting passion and endeavour

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[YOUTUBE] Expert Interview -Dr. Shuji Horie- : Life of Sake / Everlasting passion and endeavour

 ikki officially launch Youtube channel and released first video as below;



About youtube channel

 The first video of ikki Youtube channel is 「Expert Interview Dr. Shuji Horie / Life of Sake : everlasting passion and endeavor」.

 In ikki Youtube channel, there will be a variety of movies, which ikki can deliver information in new format. You will find other movies such as “Expert Interview”(as above), “Brewery Archives”, “ikki monkey’s SAKEOTICS” and event reports and more.


Dr. Shuji Horie

 Dr. Shuji Horie is experienceful Sake researcher in Shimane. He has been working for the Sake industry and also working together with breweries to solve daily problem from Toji.

 In addition, he is a great supporter of ikki website and ikki team learn a lot from Dr. Horie and he is always supporting our media.

 To know more about him please find the profile as below;


Profile Shuji Horie

President of Horie Sake Foods Eye / Doctor in Agricultural study / Sake expert, especially in reviving ancient Sake



1935              Born in Shimane prefecture

1993              Chief researcher at Shimane Taste development and instruction center

1996~           Establish Horie Sake Foods Eye

1996~1999  Visiting professor in Shimane University

2001~2019  Commissioned lecturer at Shimane University in Linguistic department


Specific field: Alcohol & food manufacturing and their research


Revived ancient Sake

Yayoi Birei no Sake / Asahi Shuzo / Shimane

Sake of Nara Era / Nakamoto Shuzoten / Nara

Sake of Medieval Muromachi Era / Oki Shuzo / Shimane

Sake of end of Edo Era / Oki Shuzo / Shimane

Sake of Edo Genroku Era / Wakabayashi Shuzo / Shimane Haimochi Sake / Yoneda Shuzo / Shimane



“Sakegaku Kotohajime”(酒学事始) / Co-auther / Project publishing / 1992

“Nihonshu no Kita Michi”(日本酒のきた道) / Shuji Horie / Imai printing / 2012


“Sake kara Mita Inishie no Izumo”(酒から見た古の出雲) / Shuji Horie / Imai printing / 2015