How to enjoy JUNMAI DAIGINJO / DAIGINJO ~ Temperature, drinking vessel, scene ~


How to enjoy JUNMAI DAIGINJO / DAIGINJO ~ Temperature, drinking vessel, scene ~


When you look for Japanese Sake, do you know how to enjoy them?

Each type of Sake, for example Junmai, Honjozo, Kimoto and Muroka,  has different way to enjoy in different scene. It is like the difference in the scene to enjoy when you choose red wine and white wine.

This time ikki introduce how to enjoy  Junmai Daiginjo/Daiginjo: Sake which has strong Ginjo aroma, in temperature, drinking vessel and scene.



The features of Junmai Daiginjo / Daiginjo

As you may know, Junmai Daiginjo / Daiginjo is the type of Japanese Sake with strong Ginjo aroma.

The aroma of Daiginjo and Ginjo type Sake is so-called “Ginjoko”. We have a general image of fruity aroma in Ginjoko, but in fact there are various type of Ginjoko. Japanese Sake with different types of Ginjoko have different characteristics, but those Daiginjo type Sake are categorised in 2 categories, which are [Aroma Ginjo] “Hana Ginjo”and [Flavor Ginjo] “Aji Ginjo”.

Aroma Ginjo is Daiginjo Sake with fresh and fruity Ginjoko like apple or flowers, and Flavor Ginjo is Daiginjo Sake with mellow and dry Ginjoko like banana or melon.



10℃ is the best temperature to enjoy

In general, people enjoy Daiginjo type Sake at cold and Kansake, warming Sake, is not recommended, but at what temperature is the best temperature to enjoy?

To answer to the question, it is 10℃. To enjoy the balance of the taste and flavor 10℃ is the best temperature and it is applied to most of Daiginjo type Sake, including both Hana Ginjo and Aji Ginjo. Nevertheless, if you drink them below 10℃ you may not feel the full potential taste and flavor of the Sake, be careful to make Sake too cold.




Room temperature to 45℃ for “AJI GINJO”

Most of Daiginjo type Sake is not to drink at high temperature: Kansake, but AJI GINJO Sake is recommended to drink.

The flavor in Aji Ginjo Sake is coming up at slightly higher temperature comparing to the ordinal Daiginjo type Sake. To enjoy the full potential of Aji Ginjo Sake, it is recommended to enjoy at higher temperature up to 45℃ Jokan.

If you find the Sake with bodies and strength, please try it at high temperature.




Wine glass for Daiginjo

Daiginjo is one of the Sake type which is ideal to enjoy with wine glasses. It is because of its aroma. With wine glasses you will not miss the aroma coming up before tasting.

These days, wine glass companies, such as RIEDEL, are releasing Sake glass. For the traditional style Diginjo with a lot of Umami, it may be more fun to drink with tin cups or pottery cup, but generally it is recommended to drink with wine glass to enjoy its aroma.



“AJI GINJO” is good to enjoy during the meal

Due to the fact that the main feature of Daiginjo is its aroma “Ginjoko”, Daiginjo Sake is generally not suitable for enjoying with meals to pair. The strong ginjo aroma tend to be stronger than the meal especially delicate cuisine.

Nevertheless, if the Sake is Aji Ginjo it is good to enjoy with meals. Aji Ginjo contains lots of Umami and it harmonize well with meals and bring up the potential of food.



Hope you learnt well about Daiginjo Sake and ready to drink them!

Thank you for your time!

See you in the next article.