‘beeno buono’ herb wine craft sake



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‘beeno buono’ herb wine craft sake

New item ‘beeno buono’ was co-developed with Fattoria Al FIORE, a winery situated in Miyagi Prefecture and came on sale on 9 January 2024. This new product is an alcoholic beverage produced by adding herbs to the wine for a co-fermentation.



‘haccoba -Craft Sake Brewery-‘ was founded by haccoba Ltd., (located in Minami Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Representative Director: Taisuke Sato) in February 2021. Newly launched beeno buono is made by adding herbs during the process of wine production. It was co-developed with Fattoria AL FIORE, a winery situated in Kawasaki-machi of Miyagi Prefecture, from harvesting of the grapes to the actual wine production.

Product in the online store: https://haccoba.com/products/beeno-buonohaccoba のメンバー(背景:haccoba 小高醸造所)

■Become a frontier of Sake by removing the borders

Historically speaking, Japanese people had a culture of making their own Doburoku at home using various kinds of ingredients. This habit became difficult to be preserved because the production of Sake was only allowed with a license after the Meiji Era.

We believe that the free spirit of alcohol creation should be the origin of fermentation culture. The project pursues and shares the joy of creative production above the existing categories.


■Alcohol made by co-fermenting herbs during the production of wine.

The brewery has started a collaboration with Fattoria AL FIORE, a winery situated in Kawasaki-machi of Miyagi Prefecture, to produce alcoholic beverage. Using the remaining of grapes provided by Fattoria AL FIORE we co-fermented it with rice to make a new type of Sake.

In this season, the brewery performed a new challenge to produce a unique type of alcohol by adding a herb called Butterfly pea during the fermentation of wine, instead of Sake.

Butterfly pea, categorised under peas family, grows in the tropical area, is characterized by its vividly blue color when soaked into water.

Blue color extracted from butterfly peas is diluted into the wine to make a bluish purple color. This beverage is recommended to be served over meals for its bubbles created from the second fermentation inside the bottle, and acidity of the grapes,.

It should satisfy customers with both its colours and flavours.



・Fattoria AL FIORE: https://www.fattoriaalfiore.com/山形の秋葉農園(んーまい農園)さんでぶどう(セイベル)を収穫

■「beeno buono」prodect overview


Retail Price:2,860 yen (tax included)


Size: 500ml/bottle


Sales date:Tuesday, January 9, 2024


Sales period:on sale from January 2024 until the stock lasts


Sales channels


haccoba online store: https://haccoba.com


Boutique at haccoba Odaka Brewer 10:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays)


List for other purchase channels: https://note.com/haccoba/n/n48a9ad45d07f


Product review URL: https://haccoba.com/products/beeno-buono


■Comments of Taisuke Sato, a representative of haccoba

Research of 2023 summer resulted in a creation of the most interesting (and problematic?) product in the history of haccoba.

The brewery has continued to take Sake as a primitive item under the category of ‘other types of brewed alcohol’, and has always questioned on its definition when dealt with Sake / alcohol production.

I reckon a number of free alcohol production styles in the world which cannot fit in any of the conventional categories .

When targeting to start a similar challenge with wine, I found out that the challenge is possible with a license of ‘other types of brewed alcohol’ haccoba already obtained, instead of a license of ‘fruit wine’. Soon after, project discussions with Mr. Meguro of Fattoria AL FIORE started.

The project started off with harvesting grapes of “Seibelle” at Akibano Orchards in Yamagata Prefecture in September 2023. We received dedicated instructions from Mr. Meguro of Fattoria AL FIORE to pursue the project.

The beverage carries a complex composition of flavours, with a sweet aroma like honey, pleasant acidity and fizziness, as well as a blette-like aroma.


■About haccoba

In February 2021, haccoba brewery was built in Odaka-machi of Fukushima Prefecture where the whole population was evacuated due to the collapse of the nuclear plant. Another brewery was built in neigboring town of Namie, in July 2023.

Through the project, haccoba enthusiastically aims to create independent local culture and free spirited alcohol production, which helps to build a modernized version of Doburoku culture.


・Company name:haccoba Ltd.


・Representative: Taisuke Sato, Representative Director


・Headquarter: 2-50-6 Tamachi, Odaka-ku, Minami Soma-shi, Fukushima Prefecture


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