A brand for 180ml bottle called “Ichigo” bottle by the Japanese traditional measurement unit won a Good Design Award of 2023


A brand for 180ml bottle called “Ichigo” bottle by the Japanese traditional measurement unit won a Good Design Award of 2023



 Sake sold by Kyouno Nihonshu Co., Ltd (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Sawako Hiromichi) won the 2023 Good Design Award presented by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Besides, one of the committee members, Yuri Uenishi selected Ichigo bottle as her favourite design.


  Kyouno Nihonshu introduced 180ml Sake bottles to attract the generations who are not very familiar with Sake. Since the Edo Period, Sake bottles have been often found in the forms of 1800ml and 720ml bottles. Kyouno Nihonshu provides smaller 180ml bottles to further engage a wider range of consumers in the modern era.

  Illustration of Ikkon “A cup of Sake” is symbolically printed on the label of its bottle. The bottle was designed to maintain its original elegance of Sake while adding light approachable impressions. Stories, brands and recommended ways of consumptions are depicted on the paper wraps placed around the bottleneck to clearly deliver the messages from producers.


  Kyouno Nihonshu to provide ways to enjoy Sake in an ideal amount

  The company started Kyouno Nihonshu to make Sake attractive and approachable as it used to be.

  There were customers’ reviews on Sake : It takes time to finish normal sized Sake bottles. Some were not tempted to buy for its quantity, others showed an interest in trying a variety. Some people regarded Sake as something special, so they stated Sake is ‘too good’ as an everyday drink.

Encountering these comments, and reflecting changes in people’s life style and Sake consumption habit, the company was concerned about its under-representation so it came up with a presentation in smaller quantity.

  There is delicious and attractive Sake with rich history existing across Japan. It is often the case that its story is not communicated enough to successfully deliver its charms. In fact, domestic consumption of Sake continues to decline every year and an average of 3 breweries go out of business every month.


  These days, Sake is not easily approachable for a lot of people. Therefore, maintaining its history and elegance as cultural heritage, the company stood up to bring back Sake to casual drinking occasions. Kyouno nihonshu was developed to activate breweries and Sake industry.

  As a Sake store specialized in 180 ml bottle to “moisturize the day”, the brand was launched in November 2021. The company aims to deliver the moments that “moisturize” every day. Bottling Sake in small containers, the company is delighted to make Sake approachable by its right size, and creating a trigger to re-activate the Sake industry.

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