Yatsushika Sparkling NIJI: Yatsushika brewery (Oita)

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Yatsushika Sparkling NIJI: Yatsushika brewery (Oita)



Sake brewing requires abundant natural environment, beautiful water, fresh air, and human skill and spirit.

Each drop of Yatsushika sake is full of such a heart, and produces a rich and gorgeous flavor.


Yatsushika brewery 八鹿酒造



 Founded in 1864, Yatsushika brewery originated in Kusu, Oita prefecture, where infiltration water flowing from beautiful Mountains; which they use for their Sake brewing and the key to the quality of Yatsushika Sake. The uncompromising belief in sake brewing has been passed down for generations by the brew masters.


Yatsushika Sparkling NIJI

 It took seven years for releasing this brand-new product. They mixed Yatsushika traditional sake brewing technique and Champagne production method.

 With their constant effort and everlasting passion, “Yatsushika Sparkling Niji” is popular all over the world, and received Gold Award in [Sake Competition 2019] and [International Wine Challenge 2019], and Platinum Awards in [Kura Master 2019].




Brand : Yatsushika Sparkling NIJI

Class : Junmai Sparkling

Volume : 360ml / 720ml

Alc.% : 8%


Brewery Info

八鹿酒造株式会社 / Yatsushika Brewery Co., Ltd.

HP : http://www.yatsushika.com/

Representative Brand : 八鹿[Yatushika]


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