Stars shine in your hand for every movement 2 types of stylishly designed 18 K gold vessels are launched on 18 September 2023.


Stars shine in your hand for every movement 2 types of stylishly designed 18 K gold vessels are launched on 18 September 2023.



Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. established in 1892 (HQ: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and Executive Director: Masakazu Tanaka) starts the sales of Sake vessels in two forms (Reference price including tax: Round shape 1,195,600 yen, and Bell shape 1,127,000 yen) on 18 September 2023 both at directory managed stored and online stores. Reference price is computed using a rate of 9,800 yen per gram (incl tax). Online store is accessible from the following link: https://shop.ginzatanaka.co.jp/


Ginza Tanaka has been planning and selling high quality jewelries and artisanal products made of precious and/or noble metal. Reflecting on the market’s increased interest into the gold, 10K gold and pure gold cutlery, Sake vessels, and table wares made of gold are gaining customers’ attention these days.

Two types of Sake vessels, “Guinomi”, therefore, are newly added to the series, aiming to propose products that can create relaxing and rich effects to everyday life.   


Round shaped vessel has a curvy line with a narrower spout and widening body towards the bottom like a bud. The shape has an effect to embrace the scent and increase the flavour. Users can even enjoy the liquid gracefully swinging along the curvy line of the vessel.


Bell shaped vessel has literally a bell-like form, with a spout widening towards the top. It has a stylishly thin shape, which picks up subtle flavours of delicate Sake.

For both shapes of vessels, spouts are thinly designed to provide a light elegant touch to the mouth allowing users to sense delicate flavours and scents of Sake.



18K gold Guinomi is simply designed so it can be used not only for Sake, but also for other alcohols like wine and whisky.

Its surface is decorated with star-like illustrations. With a small shake of the vessel, the illustrations gives shining visual effects.

The cup was specially designed to enjoy the charms of gold in non-special occasions, like in an everyday aperitif time. It is also suitable for a bowl to dip sauce etc.


Holding its concept, “Liberate the use of gold”, Ginza Tanaka continues to propose a variety of ways to own, wear, see, use and gift gold, delivering charms of gold and heart-beating moments.


― Overview of 18K gold Guinomi Sake vessels ―

Launch date: 18 September 2023

Available at : Ginza Tanaka directly managed stores and online stores


■Round-shaped18K gold vessel

Price (incl. tax):1.1956 million yen

Materials:18K gold, approx. 75g

Size: height approx. 5cm, spout approx. 4cm, width (at the widest point)  approx. 5.4cm

The cup comes with a box made of paulownia wood


■Bell-shaped18K goldvessel

Price (incl. tax):1.127 million yen

Materials:18K gold, approx. 70g

Size: height approx. 6.2cm, spout approx. 5.2cm

The cup comes with a box made of paulownia wood


The price, product information, and store information are subject to change and can be modified without a prior notice.

Following the fluctuations of the price of gold, reference price changes everyday. The reference price is computed using the sample rate of 9,800 yen per gram.


About Ginza Tanaka

Established in 1892, Ginza Tanaka (officially, Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K.) is a traditional jeweler to deliver high-quality jewelries and artisanal products that could add shines to everyone’s life. It produces and sells jewelries and artisanal products of high-quality materials such as pure gold and/or platinum made through artisanal technics, which can carry asset purposes.


Directly managed stores

Ginza main store, Yokohama- motomachi store, Sendai store, Nagoya store, Shinsaibashi store, Fukuoka Nishitetsu Grand Hotel store


About Tanaka Kikinzoku Group

Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. was established in 1885 to continued its development in the various fields of precious / noble metals.

It handles the largest volume of precious / noble metals. It has long been engaged in the production, sales of industrial precious / noble metals as well as precious / noble metals for asset purposes. As specialists group to handle precious / noble metals, the group companies within and outside of Japan collaborate and cooperate to deliver products and service. As a member of Tanaka Kikinzoku Group, Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. is engaged in the sales of decorative items. In promotion of globalization, Metalor Technologies International SA was added to its group members. The company strives to contribute to the customer’s wealthy life as a professional of precious / noble metals.