Shichiriki Junmai Ginjo: Morita Shoube (Aomori)

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Shichiriki Junmai Ginjo: Morita Shoube (Aomori)



 In Aomori, one of the breweries receive Gold award in Junmai category of Kura Master 2020. The product name is called “Shichiriki” and the brewery is called “Morita Shoube”. This time, ikki introduces “Shichiriki Junmai Ginjo” for you as SAKE TO KNOW.


Morita Shoube 森田庄兵衛



 Mroita Shoube Co., Ltd. is located in Shichinohe, Aomori prefecture. They are founded in 1777, and keep brewing finest sake for more than 250 years.

 One of their sake brands at Komaizumi (Morita Shoube Co., Ltd.) is called Magokoro, which means “ Pureness of Heart”.

 They gave it this name to mirror their desire to work hard and produce a sincere and superior sake. Morita sake is made with traditional sake brewing methods as well as state of the art techniques.


Shichiriki Junmai Ginjo

 “Shichiriki Junmai Ginjo” is produced for limited distribution for only 7 sake retail shops in Aomori prefecture.

 The concept of this sake is “made in all Aomori prefecture”.

 The ingredient sake rice “Hanaomoi” is developed to be “the best sake rice cropped in Aomori”. The fragrance is gentle and fruity. The taste is smooth and sweet.

 Please enjoy this sake with wine glass in cold temperature!



Brand : Shichiriki Junmai Ginjo

Class : Junmai Ginjo

Volume : 720ml

Alc.% : 16%


Brewery Info

株式会社森田庄兵衛 / Morita Shoube Co., Ltd.

HP : http://www.morishou.co.jp/

Representative Brand : 駒泉 [Komaizumi]


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