Japanese Sake market report June 2022

Japanese Sake market report June 2022


Please find the updating market report of the month. As the official data is available slightly late, this month ikki will deliver Japanese Sake market report of  April 2022.

To be precise, Sake on the data means exported products from Japan under HS code of 2206.00.


-Sake NEWS summary May 2022

  • -Total exported volume and value April 2022
  • -Exported amount by area April 2022
  • -Average FOB price April 2022
  • -Baltic Exchange Dry Index 2021-2022
  • -Exchange rate June 2022



Sake NEWS summary May 2022

Brown rice tea brand from the brewery in Nada

Yasufukumatashiro Shoten, Sake brewery in Nada established in 1751 launched Brown rice tea brand called “88” releasing from 28th May 2022.


Perfectly simple Sake brand “Shin-e” from Ishikawa

KURAND, the company operating EC Sake store, will release Sake brand “Shin-e” with the cooperation of Sake brewery in Ishikawa.


Sake fermented with music and the music album

haccoba will release the Sake brand “Do” brewed with music from their own brewery [haccoba craft Sake brewery] and also release the music album “the music for micro-organism” with the cooperation of Japanese artists .


Half century aged Japanese Sake from Masumi

Miayasaka Jozo, Sake brewery in Nagano, the aged Japanese Sake over 50 years called “Muden 1971”



Total exported volume and value 

 The Sake traded volume and amount reached the peak on March and dropped on April.

As the volume dropped more than amount, Sake with reasonable pricing dropped more.

Exported amount by area 

 As it is clearly seen that the traded amount in East Asia dropped and the other area stays mostly the same. It can be said that covid issue in China strongly influenced the Sake trading in April.

Average FOB price

The average FOB price slightly rose. It means the reasonable pricing Sake stopped to deliver to East Asia largely, so it triggered FOB to rise.


Baltic Exchange Dry Index 2021-2022

  Surprisingly, BDI dropped. In early June, BDI had kept increasing so after Shanghai lock down released it started to drop as a natural reaction to continuous rise.

Exchange rate JPY/USD EUR

 JPY is getting weaker and weaker still on June. Comparing to USD, EUR is relatively less sensitive.