SAKE NEWS from JAPAN – ikki Weekly Update 8th – 14th March 2021


SAKE NEWS from JAPAN – ikki Weekly Update 8th – 14th March 2021



In this ikki weekly news, ikki deliver what is happening in Japan in Sake industry for your knowledge as well as hints for your business.

Please note that if you would like to see photos or full contents, kindly visit the original site from the link below the news topic and use google translate to see the full news.


The updated news in 8th – 14th March 2021 is below;



Digitalize the smell “KAORIUM” for Sake released with Sake pairing set / SCENTMATIC

Ref.風味を言語化する “日本酒ソムリエAI”をスマートフォンで体験!自宅で新たなスタイルの利き酒を楽しめる「KAORIUM for Sake 日本酒飲み比べセット」2021年3月12日(金)より販売開始 / PR TIMES




New product

Use Organic rice Sasanishiki 100% “Ichinokura Tokubetsu Junmai Suroka Genshu” released on 9th March / Ichinokura


Ref.有機米ササニシキ100%使用した季節・数量限定商品「一ノ蔵特別純米素濾過生原酒」3月9日発売/PR TIMES




New product

Premium sparkling Sake for good days (Hare no hi in Japanese) “Hakuna CRYSTAL” / Liquor Innovation

Ref.【数量限定】ハレを彩る最高級スパークリング日本酒「白那 CRYSTAL」3/12より抽選販売開始/PR TIMES




Renewal of Sake brand “Oshaberi Kujira” to sophisticated design / Gekkeikan

Ref.月桂冠「おしゃべりクジラ」をリニューアル 上質感あるデザインに刷新/ PR TIMES




Sake brand “Jozen Mizunigotoshi” Junmai Ginjo renewed over 12 years / Shirataki Shuzo

Ref.12年ぶりに生まれ変わった「上善如水 純米吟醸」出荷開始!/ PR TIMES