SAKE NEWS from JAPAN – ikki Weekly Update 16th – 22nd November 2020


SAKE NEWS from JAPAN – ikki Weekly Update 16th – 22nd November 2020


In this ikki weekly news, ikki deliver what is happening in Japan in Sake industry for your knowledge as well as hints for your business.

Please note that if you would like to see photos or full contents, kindly visit the original site from the link below the news topic and use google translate to see the full news.


The updated news in 16th – 22nd November 2020 is below;


[New Product]

Westin Tokyo released Original Craft Gin “The Westin Tokyo Craft Gin” / Marriott International

Ref.【ウェスティンホテル東京】オリジナルクラフトジン「The Westin Tokyo Craft Gin」を発売/ PR TIMES



[New Outlet]

Regional revitalization cafe “Wakuraba” open and “Japanese Sake PR” program launch at Haneda Airport / PR times

Ref.羽田空港内オープンの地域創生カフェ「和蔵場」と「日本酒PR」支援プログラムが連携取組を開始/PR TIMES




[New Product]

2021 Eto label Sake with brand new Sake rice “Hyogo Sake 85” / Nishiyama Shuzojo

Ref.酒米“新” 品種「Hyogo Sake 85」を使用!12年に1度の限定ラベル、発売!“干支図象辛丑(えとラベルかのとのうし)”/_ PR TIMES




Learn Japanese fermentation culture online “Kamosu fes.” / Ouen Fes

Ref.オンラインで発酵に関するイベント「醸すフェス」を開催/ PR TIMES



2020 Sake China Golden dragon award announced! 2020 Sake China Experience Night will be in January 2021 / Miss Sake

Ref.2020年度 SAKE-China日本清酒品評会 ゴールデンドラゴン賞が発表!! 来年1月開催「2020年度 SAKE-China Experience Night!」にはMiss SAKEも参加!/ PR TIMES