Keep the quality -Bottle color and their difference-


Keep the quality -Bottle color and their difference-

Appearance of the product is very important. For Japanese Sake, consumers receive different images in products by different logo, label, or bottle cap. To convey the aiming images to consumers, the color of the bottle is quite important.

In addition to the product image, the color of the bottle also affect the quality as well. With different color how much you need to be careful about the quality is very different. Breweries choose the color according to Japanese Sake types(e.g. delicate Sake or not), but distributors oversea need to know about the difference as well.

ikki delivers about the color of the bottle and their difference this time.


Color of the bottle

In Japan, the most famous color is “brown”. Brown has been used as Sake bottle, because it prevent the UV to absorb into Sake. If you leave the Sake at sunlight, it will get odd flavor called “Hineka”老香”. It is unexpected flavor which Toji from breweries did not plan to put.

Nevertheless, as world export increases and the lifestyle of Japanese people changes, Japanese Sake need to care more about the product images.

Also, with the development of information technology, we can easily buy local Sake online. Breweries need to differentiate the products to the competitors and the color of the bottles are playing an important role in such scene.




Effect on Sake quality

As you can see above, as the color get thicker they absorb less UV. Surprisingly, frosted bottle absorb more UV comparing with transparent clear bottle. Except the bottle has UV cut coating on top, you need to be careful about the coloring and odd flavor of Sake.

This is only talking about the light, which is one of the factors to affect the quality of Sake, but also need to be careful about temperature, humidity, vibration… etc.


Blue bottle issue

Recently there is an issue raised in Japanese Sake industry about blue bottle especially light blue bottles.

The point is in order to color the bottle it is required to use bronze and it affects the Sake quality and get odd flavor Hineka.

Some breweries agree with this problem, but some do not. Therefore, at this stage we cannot say blue bottle is affecting the Sake quality in a bad way.



Anyway, ikki recommend you to keep the Sake at dark place regardless of the color of the bottle.

Hope this article help you.


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