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ikki Weekly Update 25th- 31st May


 In this ikki weekly news, ikki deliver what is happening in Japan in Sake industry for your knowledge as well as hints for your business.

Please note that if you would like to see photos or full contents, kindly visit the original site from the link below the news topic and use google translate to see the full news.


The updated news in 25th – 31st May 2020 is below;



Research about Cup Sake / Sakebunka Institute



Crowd funding about Online Brewery Tour on Camp Fire



JETRO Aomori held Online business meeting to promote local products



The production of Yamada Nishiki, No.1 Sake rice, will be reduced for about 30% due to Coronavirus


[New Product]

Inherit and revive super sweet Sake from closed brewery / Takahashi Shuzo



AI Sake recommend app by Nagaoka University of Technology



Online language learning salon started “International Kikisakeshi Course” / Gogakudo


[New Product]

Shochikubai New Kaori Reishu 1.8l in paper pack / Takara Shuzo