Fight against Corona! Breweries producing alcohol for disinfection purpose


Fight against Corona! Breweries producing alcohol for disinfection purpose

In this emergent situation which we are forced to live with coronavirus, there are many products for the purpose of hygiene are lacking in the world.

First of all, medical masks are seriously in the shortage all over the world, but many textile companies put their effort to produce masks to save the lives.

In the medical field now, disinfectant is in the shortage. To solve the problems, many alcohol companies are now producing the alcohol for the purpose of disinfectant to save the lives.

This time, ikki deliver information about the breweries which produce disinfectant alcohol.


How to identify products a disinfectant?

What is the difference between alcohols for drink and disinfectant?

The products containing alcohol in the ordinary market are categorised in 2 categories Ethanol and Methanol.

Ethanol is made in the process of fermentation of sugar or starch, and contained in the beverage and disinfectant as it is not toxic. On the other hand, Methanol is very harmful to human.Methanol is mainly used as a fuel and derived from coals or oils. In Japan, Methanol is considered as poisonous substance and need license from the country to sell.

So, the Sake is in the same categories as disinfectant, but need to be 70~83% alcohol content. Some breweries switched their production line to produce alcohol above 70% to deliver disinfectant to the medical field.

In addition, on 10th April Japanese government deregulated to make the Sake breweries possible to sell their alcohol to the medical field. Normally, the products to use in the medical field must be registered by the government, but now it is possible to use in the medical field.


The SAKE breweries producing disinfectant alcohol

The disinfectant produced by Sake breweries can be used as medical purpose, but also drink and enjoy.

You can find 5 breweries which produce the alcohol.


Kikusui Sake 菊水酒造

Kikusui Sake(Kochi), which produce Sake, Shochu, Rum and other alcohol, release “Alcohol 77” to the medical field. They open the order form on their website on 9th April, and there was more than 1,000 inquiries.


Wakatsuru 若鶴酒造

Wakatsuru(Toyama) released “Tonamino 77” in 300ml at 77% alc. content. The alcohol is made of sugar cane, and produce 1,000 bottles a week.


Nishiyama Shuzojo 西山酒造場

Nishiyama Shuzojo(Hyogo) and Liquor Innovation release “Tanba Alcohol 77”. It is the liqueur made of mango, and have fresh and fruity flavor. Main purpose is for disinfectant.


Sasaichi Sake brewery 笹一酒造

Sasaichi Sake brewery(Yamanashi) released “Sasaichi Alcohol 77” to the medical field. The profit of the sale fo the product will be donated to the local government.


Meirishurui 明利酒類

Meirishurui(Ibaraki) released “Meiri no 65”. They sell in 360l bottles and the set will be 3, 6, 9, 12 bottles.



5 breweries above are only the example and more breweries put their effort to fight with corona.


Hope the situation settle soon.