Related parties

Related parties


When we start trading we cannot start a trading with brewery and importer.
In this section, you can find who you need to know and what they do in trading.
What you find here is only a general information. In the real trading please check thoroughly with related parties.



Breweries manufacturing products. In breweries, they only prepare for domestic delivery in general.
For export, you need to request to put back label in your language, put case mark for custom clearance and other preparation directly or through your partner.
Some breweries have a facility to pack on pallet and deliver in pallet.



This is an exporter. A brewery can be an exporter, but incase there are sevral kinds of products from several breweries trading companies or wholesales companies would be an exporter.
The company name of the exporter is printed in trading documents. This company will be responsible for all exporting duties.



The company arranges logistics of the product delivery totally. From domestic delivery to booking of ship, all the process of logistics is arranged by forwarders.
Forwarders is required in both exporting and importing countries. The rules and regulation, especially at custom, are different in each countries so the specialist.is required.


Warehouse / Port

They manage warehouse and arrange the operation at port.
If you need to arrange packing in pallets or investigation at custom, they also arrange. Mostly communicate through forwarders.



Custom inspects the cargo in every import and export, and carry out custom clearance. Required information, documents and taxation are different in each countries.
It is required to team up with forwarders to understand about laws and regulation of exporting and importing countries.


Shipping Company

The company operates ships. They deliver cargos all over the world, but routes and schedules are different to each companies.
Check route and schedule through forwarders and select appropriate shipping company.


Insurance company

Insurance company to cover risks in delivery.
The risks of shipper and consignee are according to inco-terms which contracted by 2 parties.



It means an importer.


Transport Company

It means domestic transport company here.
If not arranged by forwarders, you need to arrange delivery of cargo from port to your warehouse.