Taste type

Taste type



In today’s world, we started to put sake in 4 types according to its flavor or richness of the taste
Traditionally, sake people consume is their local sake or sake from big breweries in Japan.
Nevertheless, as wine culture accepted by Japanese people, we start to look for ideal scene or good matching of specific sake and food
Please understand about these 4 types and serve sake in the ideal situation.



Sake with flavor, tend to be sweet and have fruity flavor
It is good for apperitiv due to its freshnessFood to pair: sashimi of white fish, club, carpaccio


Light and Smooth(爽酒)

Light and dry taste. It matches with wide variety of food
It is good when you pair with food you want to enjoy potential of ingradientsFood to pair: Tofu(Hiyayakko), grilled fish


Matured (熟酒)

Thick taste with bodies. Taste umami of rice
It is good with food with strong taste and flavorFood to pair: cream soup, foie gras



Aged sake. Strong character and poweful taste
Good with thick food using ingradient like spice and black sugarFood to pair: curry, cheese