It is crucial to understand about how to store properly and it decide the quality of sake you deliver to customers
There is a big misunderstandings about sake out of Japan, and in most of the case it is coming from storage problem.
Comparing to different alcohol, Sake is sensitive product and not so much understood by people
Please check through the points below and serve high quality sake to your customer



Avoid light especially ultra violet. If you let sake under the light, it get unexpected flavor(so-called “sun light flavor”) and color



When it is left in high temperature, living yeast ferment sake more and have unexpected flavor and lose characteristics of the sake
Please keep about 5℃



It is better to store sake at 25~30% humidity, unlike wine at 70% of humidity
Sake do not use cork like wine, so to slow the fermentation keep in the bottle under low humidity



Avoid too much vibration, so ideally use wine or sake celler not ordinal fridge



When sake touch air, flavor start to go off.
So if you open sake, please drink as first as you can
if you cannot consume fast, use nitrogen gas to fill in the bottle like wine