Rice field

Rice field




Rice is one of the most important elements in sake brewing.
Taste and fermentation process are different with each sake rice.
To cultivate rice, there is a condition which is ideal for sake rice and the conditions are shown below.


Condition where sake rice grow well


  •  ・Big temperature difference in day and night
  •  ・Notorious soil
  •  ・Large land
  •  ・Long day time
  •  ・Technical experts for sake rice cultivation



The area satisfying the conditions above is found in mountains in Japan.
Breweries used to use the rice cultivated in the best condition even from different prefectures.
These days, there are more and more breweries use local rice to differentiate the taste from the other products
Please find the example of major sake rice and its locality below.


Major variety of sake rice grown and prefectures

Yamada Nishiki 山田錦:    Hyogo
Gohyakumangoku 五百万石:   Niigata
Omachi 雄町:                              Okayama
Hattan Nishiki 八反錦:               Hiroshima
Goriki 強力:                                  Tottori
Ginpu 吟風:                                 Hokkaido
Kame No O 亀の尾:                    Yamagata
Dewa Sansan 出羽燦々:             Yamagata