An experimental project to renovate Sake comes to launch a new product : Gekkeikan Studio no.4


An experimental project to renovate Sake comes to launch a new product : Gekkeikan Studio no.4



  Gekkeikan Co., Ltd (President:, HQ Fushimi-ku, Kyoto) launches a new product, Gekkeikan Studio no.4 (720ml), from its series of Gekkeikan Studio, a project to commercialize experimental Sake during the period of research and development.

A total of 500 bottles come on sale on 6 October through its online store (https://www.gekkeikan-shop.jp), and at a boutique store at Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum (月桂冠大倉記念館).


  Gekkeikan Studio no.4 was performed to especially attract non-frequent drinkers with its low alcohol content. Being low in alcohol, it maintains unique characters of Sake. Thanks to its authentic satisfying flavours, this Sake can also attract Sake lovers who have health concerns on alcohol intake. 


Product information


flavours and characters

  5% Sake with elegant and clear flavours brought by an appropriate balance of sweetness and acidity. Normal Sake contains around 15 % of alcohol, however this product has as low as 5% of alcohol, similar to that of beer. Keeping alcohol content low, the research team aimed to express Sake flavours rich in umami of rice and clear aftertaste.


Behind Research

  Seeking to develop Sake with authentic Sake characters but at a low alcohol, the project had a collaboration with KAORIUM for Sake, AI system for Sake Sommelier, developed by SCENTMATIC Inc. KAORIUM for Sake was used to analyse samples of Sake both in aroma and flavours and express them in words to visualize what elements in Sake supported as typical components, followed by tasting tests by frequent drinkers. Preferred aroma and scents from the selection were selected to produce Gekkeikan Studio no.4.

  KAORIUM for SAKE is an AI system that has learnt more than 10 K flavours, sensibility data and sommeliers’ sensibility. It expresses Sake in clear words thanks to the natural language processing.




  Label embraces a message of soothing flavour brought by an appropriate balance of sweetness and acidity and a refreshing image as if it spreads over the mouth. The image of light waves gradually going up expresses the lightness of the product with its 5% alcohol.


Product overview

Product name:Gekkeikan Studio no.4

Size:720ml bottle

Sales Price:3,300 yen(Tax incl.)

Alcohol: higher than 5%, lower than 6%

Taste:Lightly sweet, Lightly rich

No. of bottles sold:500 bottles

Launch date: 6 October 2023


Gekkeikan Studio, an expexperiment to innovate Sake

  Gekkeikan Studio, a project to share with customers experimental Sake at the level of research and development to introduce the possibility of the future of Sake, and to bring their feedback to the production development to co-create the future of Sake.


  This project includes “Studio” in its name as the word ‘studio’ means research, workshop and atelier. The name contains the hopes of the project to interact with customers to flexibly adapt the products to respond to customers’ needs.


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