10 Sake breweries you can feel innovation and new generation


10 Sake breweries you can feel innovation and new generation

Japanese Sake is a traditional alcoholic beverage which strongly connected to Japanese culture in religion, food, industry and even daily life of Japanese people.

Kuramoto, the master brewer, is a president of corporate body in today’s world and they inherit the technique based on the history of brewery and weave the story for a long time.

Nevertheless as time goes by, the life of people shifted. The core value of Japanese Sake is always the same, but utility value has changed in people’s mind. To adapt to the culture of today, breweries are changing their style, but also conserving the tradition at the same time.

This time ikki deliver the information about 10 Sake breweries which makes you feel the innovation and new generation.


10 Sake breweries you can feel innovation and new generation



1, Aramasa 新政酒造

(Ref. Aramasa HP: http://www.aramasa.jp)


Aramasa from Akita is one of the brewery which is very innovative.

This brewery is where Sake Kobo No. 6 was found, but as technology developed people shift the kobo used to more convenient kobo. New president Yosuke Sato revive their original No. 6 Kobo and produced the Sake matching with today’s trend. Now, a lot of Japanese people might not know Aramasa, but must know the Sake with No.6!



2, Kokuryu 黒龍酒造

(Ref. Kokuryu HP: http://www.kokuryu.co.jp/)


Kokuryu from Fukui is very innovative about how they sell their products.

In 2018, they produced their new brand “Muni” in the market. In Sake tradition, it is common to set the retail price by breweries, but this time Kokuryu to auction method for pricing. Kokuryu called 66 buyers to the restaurant in Tokyo and carries out the auction. Asa result the products priced 10 times more and also the volume increased almost twice!



3, Asahi Shuzo 旭酒造

(Ref. Asahi Shuzo HP: https://www.asahishuzo.ne.jp/)


Dassai from Asahi Shuzo might be one of the most famous Japanese Sake today.


The unique point of Asahi Shuzo is their production method. Normally, brewers called Toji works for breweries to produce Sake, but in Asahi Shuzo there are no proper Toji. They produce Sake in the line, like a factory, and control the brew with computer system to produce what they are aiming.



4, Heiwa Shuzou 平和酒造

(Ref. Heiwa Shuzou HP: http://www.heiwashuzou.co.jp/)


 The unique point of Heiwa Shuzo from Wakayama is their management philosophy.


 They aim to grow at the slow pace, but they never stop challenging. In 2016, they start producing original craft beer “Heiwa Craft” and in 2019 they colaborated with famous Japanese businessman Mr. Horie to provide Japanese Sake as a fuel of the rocket ship. Heiwa Shuzo never stop for their innovation.



5, Kikusui Sake 菊水酒造

(Ref. Kikusui Sake HP: https://www.kikusui-sake.com/home/en/)


 In the situation of corona Kikusui is active online, but they have been challenging from the past.


 To deliver Nama Genshu, which is very sensitive and easy to go bad, they challenged in packaging of Japanese Sake. They released first Sake which delivered to consumers in a vacuum plastic bag. Normally Sake is sold in bottles or cans, but Kikusui sold in plastic bag to avoid oxidization.



6, Hakutsuru 白鶴酒造

(Ref. Hakutsuru HP: http://www.hakutsuru.co.jp/english/)


 Hakutsuru: the brewery produces the largest volume of Sake, is also one of the innovative breweries.


 From the development of their own Sake rice brand “Hakutsuru Nishiki”, they never stop challenging. In the brewery, they establish a team which is consist of young generations to produce Sake for the young generation. As one of the leading company of Nada Gogou and Sake industry, we need to know their new movement. 



7, Kuheiji 萬乗醸造

(Ref. Kuheiji HP:https://kuheiji.co.jp/en/ )


 Kuheiji can be one of the most innovative brewery.


 Kuheiji is already beyond a Sake brewery. They have been producing Sake in Aichi and developing the concept of Terroir. Soon, they will launch the new brewery in Hyogo where is the heart of Yamada Nishiki rice, and also they launched Winery in France Domaine Kuheiji.



8, Kazuma Shuzo 数馬酒造

(Ref. Kazuma Shuzo HP:https://chikuha.co.jp/ )


 Kazuma is very active in the different field.


 Kazuma considers about the importance of their home location “Noto”. For example they cooperate with local hunting organization to produce Sake to pair with gibier (wild meat). They think about the local society and maybe one of the leading brewery to participate in the action of SDGs in wide scale.



9, Tanaka Shuzoten 田中酒造店

(Ref. Tanaka Shuzoten HP:https://tanaka1789xchartier.com/en/sakes)


 Tanaka Shuzoten is innovative in Sake production process differently to the others.


 They cooperate with a master blender of wine to developed new brewing and blending process of Sake upon their traditional Sake brewing technique. It will spread the world and concept of Japanese Sake for sure.



10, Nagai Sake 永井酒造

(Ref. Nagai Sake HP:http://www.nagai-sake.co.jp/)


 Nagai Sake is active in the action to increase the value of Japanese Sake.


 They cooperate with Japanese artist to produce “artist series” Sake to deliver the hidden concept of Sake in form of art. In addition, they produce Sake for female Sake community to target women.