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Liquor tax in Japan will be reviewed from October 2020 to 2026


The definition of alcohol tax is the tax imposed when you consume alcoholic beverages. This alcohol tax is imposed to you differently according to what kind of alcoholic beverage you purchase, and the taxation system in Japan is going to change from 2020 step by step. ikki deliver the information about the change in the taxation system regarding alcoholic beverage this time.   Classification of alcoholic beverages on Japanese tax law According to Japanese law, the definition of alcoholic beverage is the beverage containing alcohol above 1 %, and there are 4 big categories "Sparkling alcohol", "Fermented alcohol", "Distilled alcohol"
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Minimize your cost! ~ what is EPA? FTA? ~ / Knowledge for Japanese Sake trading


When you would like to start a trading, you need to check the cost in order to make a profit for your business. Product cost, freight cost, tax… You have all sorts of costs you need to check in advance. Nevertheless, if there is an agreement between the countries, there is a cost which you can eliminate.   Custom duty   Have you ever heard of the term "FTA" or "EPA"? FTA stands for Free Trade Agreement and EPA stand for Economic Partnership Agreement. If your country and Japan agreed on FTA or EPA, you can apply to reduce or
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