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Japanese SAKE market report -January 2020-

Please find the updating market report of January 2020. As the data is available slightly late, this month ikki will deliver the statistics of November 2019.

To be precise, Sake on the data means exported products from Japan under HS code of 2206.00.

The data you can find is as below;


  1. Total exported volume and value November 2019
  2. Exported amount by area and its ratio
  3. Average FOB price November 2019
  4. Exchange rate November 2019


Please find the data below.



Total exported volume and value November 2019


Total exported volume and value of Sake in November 2019 was about 2,016,000L at 1,953 million JPY.

The amount decreased even it is a high season, but price seams to be increased comparing with summer season.

Expecting to increase in December for Christmas and valentines preparation.



Exported amount by area and its ratio November 2019

The exported ratio of Japanese Sake by area of the world and their change year on year is as shown above.

It is remarkable to see that there are a big fall in amount in all the Asia except Oceania. The amount fall in East Asia is outstanding, and it is mainly because of South Korea market due to  Japan-South Korea relationship.

On the other hand, European market seams to be growing steadily.



Average FOB price November 2019

Average FOB price increased and it is reasonable as Christmas, Valentines preparation seasons.

Over the year, FOB price would be decreased if it follows the previous year.



Exchange rate November 2019

JPY-USD is almost staying the same level over the year, but JPY-EUR rate is increasing since September.

Expect to increase amount in EU area in the next year.


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(Ref. Ministry of Finance Japan)