[ikki SAKE Cocktail recipe] SAKENIC – Mandarin scent on Sake flavor


[ikki SAKE Cocktail recipe] SAKENIC – Mandarin scent on Sake flavor


 Have you ever enjoyed the cocktails based Japanese Sake?

 Like beer or wine, fermented alcohols, there are various cocktail recipes of Japanese Sake based.

 For all the Sake lovers, restaurants and bars, ikki delivers SAKE Cocktail recipe from this time. ikki delivers information in a video format on our YouTube channel, and spread your world of Sake.



ikki SAKE Cocktail recipe – SAKENIC





  • Sake 60ml

                    (The Sake on vide: MOTOZAKE* Ohyama Junmai Sake / Kato Kahachiro Shuzo)

  • Tonic Water 60ml
  • Mandarin Peal



This project is to produce Japanese Sake Cocktail Base from breweries. There are 9 breweries participating this project and producing MOTOZAKE under each brewery brands 

Link: http://motozake.com/




  1. Put ice cubes in the glass
  2. Add 60ml of Sake
  3. Add 60m of Tonic water (if you expect fizziness, add 30ml of Tonic water and 30ml of Soda)
  4. Put Mandarin Peal on Top



ikki will deliver more and more recipes of Sake based cocktails with video and articles.

Hope you enjoy Sake more and spread your own world of Sake!


See you in the next article.